Pre order: ANTONIO VIVALDI Le Quattro Stagioni 17,99€ 16,99€

Pre order: ANTONIO VIVALDI Le Quattro Stagioni 17,99€ 16,99€

Alia Vox



ALIA VOX The performer’s voice Since its creation in 1998 ALIA VOX has developed its role as the exclusive producer and publisher of all new recordings by Hesprion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations, Montserrat Figueras & Jordi Savall. The ALIA VOX 2011 catalogue presents the various productions carried out over these first 12 years: 80 titles from an exceptionally wide repertoire, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day, including such legendary productions as the soundtrack of Alain CorneauÕs film Tous les matins du monde, all of which are carried out with the unfailing collaboration of the most outstanding performers currently specialising in these repertoires. The extraordinary success of ALIA VOX, with sales numbering more than 2.000.000 CDs to date (December, 2005) and a large distribution network covering more than 45 countries around the world, has been possible thanks to an intense programme of concerts, together with a warm reception from the record-buying public and music critics alike.

The experience of Alia Vox is proof that, at a time when classical music recordings are beset with so many problems, it was both logical and necessary to adopt a publishing policy underpinned by the absolute priority given to the creative and musical dimension. The final completion of an album marks a crucial stage in the long process of research, re-creation, experimentation, reflection and interpretation in which all true artists are engaged. But the final steps in this process, which are shared by the performers, the sound engineer, the production chief and the publisher, must be taken with extra special care to ensure that the final image is as faithful as possible to the spirit of the original. Thus, music is indeed Òthe mediator between the life of the spirit and the life of the senses

The Perforer’s Voice