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ALIA VOX, the performer’s voice, was born in 1998 to reclaim the independence of the performer in the world of record production. Back then, it was a pioneer in the concept of an artist’s label, where Jordi Savall would make all decisions regarding his own musical production. After 25 years, ALIA VOX, is still a strong player in the record world. One of the ways in which it maintains this position is by siding with independent record stores and local distributors while having its own website.

In the last couple decades, companies such as Amazon have increased their share of the online market of all kinds of products, including records. ALIA VOX has kept its own specialized online store where all records that Jordi Savall has edited with the label can be found. This way, all profits generated by the sales directly benefit the label and the musicians so that more albums can be produced.

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